Concrete Stir Fry Poems by Marko Niemi

Marko Niemi (Finland) has written five "Concrete Stir Fry Poems" that extend the notion of the stir fry form into graphics. Of letters. He has also re-written the programming of the stir fry form in these concrete works. These five works play on relationship, stasis, and dynamism/transformation, among other things. For instance, "still-life" consists of the letters in the word LIFE discombobulatable into parts of each other via moving the mouse over the piece. "four musicians" consists of the letters in the word ECHO. These pieces are quite "concrete" in the Noigandrean sense concerning their simplicity and iconic nature; but they are also contemporary in their algorithmic, generative construction as things written in programming code and graphics of letters. The "Concrete Stir Fry Poems" extend the algorithmic exploration of language and other media implicit in the stir fry form and explores its relations with the earlier work of the concrete poets.