Around the World in 5 Days

The Upgrade is a series of gatherings of people interested in intersections of art & technology. Founded in New York by artist Yael Kanarek, the series quickly gained admirers around the world and there are now 22 branches of the Upgrade, internationally. From November 30 through December 3, the Oklahoma City branch will host the 2nd annual Upgrade International Gathering, at which artists from each branch will present their work and ideas, in a symposium, workshops, exhibitions, and performances. This year's event has been given the theme 'DIY' ('Do-It-Yourself'), and much of the work embodies the spirit of taking the media into one's own hands, in both political and sculptural senses. Andre Gonclavas (Lisbon) will present a sensor-based workshop and installation; Ela Kagel (Berlin) will lecture about the roles of artists, curators, and audiences; Tae-Yoon Choi (Seoul) will work with local resident to create a site-specific tour of the city; Mushon Zer-Aviv & Dan Phiffer (Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem) will present their map-surfing AtlasGloves; three Bulgarian artists' video works will address the problem of women's trafficking in eastern Europe; and live-streaming video performances will link Munich, Oklahoma City, and other locations. These and dozens more projects will bring a sense of international issues and practices to Oklahoma, and provide an opportunity for the artists and audience to build lasting global relationships. -