Blip Goes the Festival

Next week nearly forty international artists and musicians will visit New York, many for the first time, to revive a defunct downtown bank with a treasure trove of 8-bit wonders. The Blip Festival is the world's largest-ever chiptune event, and will feature most of the field's major players, including Crazy Q (Stockholm), Nullsleep (NYC), YMCK (Tokyo), and others, each performing live music and visual on old Ataris, Commodore 64s, Game Boys, and other old school machinery. Nightly live concerts will be balanced by screenings and workshops, during the day, from November 30-December 3. The festival is co-organized by The Tank, a nonprofit whose Bent Festival of circuit-bending arts was a precursor to Blip, and 8-Bit Peoples, a New York-based collective of 'musicians and artists dedicated to exploring the audiovisual style of low-bit video games and home computers,' including some of the most active practitioners within this genre. The Blip Festival is a partner event in Rhizome's Tenth Anniversary Festival of Art and Technology. We recommend reserving your tickets today. -