Art That Goes Anywhere

The aptly-named Portable Gallery is, indeed, highly portable. This globally-accessible virtual exhibition space for art, film, and music delivers downloadable files right to your computer at the click of a mouse. Self-described as 'a leading digital arts arena within the young Nordic creative community,' the gallery recently launched Exhibition #003, which includes Danish brothers Rune RK and Johannes Torpe (a.k.a. Artificial Funk) in 'Music Without Instruments,' a work that combines a bicycle, a printer, and a coffee machine in tuneful yet non-traditional ways. There's also Sweden's celebrated art/ fashion photographer Martina Hoogland Ivanow's 'Spectators' series, which turns the camera on the audience in a visual examination of the psychology behind watching. Fans of Norway's notorious artist/ DJ, Cato Canarican, can also enjoy a sampler from his long-awaited second album by visiting the space. Portable Gallery gives 'state of the art' a whole new meaning, by shifting its physical status and bringing it straight to you. - Peggy MacKinnon