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*RADICAL SOFTWARE* a cura di / curated by *Domenico Quaranta*

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][MEZ][ _[net]blog to log][ah!rhythm][_, 2006 - http://www.livejournal.com/users/netwurker/

[EPIDEMIC] AntiMafia, 2003 - http://epidemic.ws/antimafia/

AMY ALEXANDER Scream, 2005 ��'�" http://scream.deprogramming.us/

CORY ARCANGEL (BEIGE) + PAPER RAD Super Mario Movie, 2005 - http://beigerecords.com/cory/

MARKETA BANKOVA Scribble, 2005 - http://www.initialnews.com/scribble

WAYNE CLEMENTS un_wiki, 2006 - http://www.in-vacua.com/un_wiki.html

GUERRIGLIAMARKETING.IT + MOLLEINDUSTRIA.IT Where-next, 2005 - http://www.where-next.com/

PETER LUINING Window, 2005; Giant Cursor, 2005; 100 windows, 2005 - http://works.ctrlaltdel.org/

K-HELLO Wasteoftime, 2003 - http://www.k-hello.org/wasteoftime/itindex.htm

MOLLEINDUSTRIA.IT McDonalds Videogame, 2006 ��'�" http://www.molleindustria.it/

ROVEBOTICS Bush Bot 0.4, 2004 - http://www.bushbot.ath.cx/

UBERMORGEN.COM featuring ALESSANDRO LUDOVICO & PAOLO CIRIO GWEI [Google Will Eat Itself], 2005 ��'�" http://www.gwei.org/


If we leave aside its historical precedents, Software Art, in its classical definition formalized by the Jury Statement of "Transmediale 2001" [1] and extended by Florian Cramer [2], saw the light in 1997 with The Web Stalker of the English Group I/O/D and with the theoretical speculation started by one of the software authors, Matthew Fuller. Right from this first example and definitions, Software Art reveals its radical nature. The fact itself of transforming software from a mere instrument into "subject" and "content" of a cultural and artistic reflection represents a Copernican revolution liable to be considered as heresy. Similarly heretic is the idea of adopting a language (HTML), a protocol of communication (HTTP) and the whole system of cultural objects (the web) and make them visible in a form that contrasts with their own original function. Software Art is radical even in its most harmless and politically neutral manifestations; when, in addition, it overturns the structure of the browser in controversy with the standardization of its interfaces, and when it adopts a slogan that sounds like: "software is mind control, get some," then the controversy turns into poetics, the prime mover of a creative process. RADICAL SOFTWARE is an exhibition including some recent examples of radical software.