Make Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Every Thursday during May, Make TV will host a programme of live webcasts curated by Sideshow and created, potentially, by you! Artists are invited to plug in their webcams and beam live to the net for their very own fifteen minutes of fame. An online audience will interact with performers and vote for their favorite broadcasts. Make TV programs will be available online, for 48 hours, to view and download. The project combines a web interface with plug-and-play web streaming technology, meaning no additional software or server costs for the broadcaster, and is designed for anyone with the desire to create live content. The concept was developed by Active Ingredient, a UK company which combines the digital arts with web design and development. The submission deadline for May's program is Monday, March 20th, and the clock is already ticking, so grab your 15 minutes now! - Helen Varley Jamieson