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Collaborative Projects at Futuresonic 2006

FUTURESONIC 2006 Urban Festival of Electronic Music and Arts - Manchester, 20-23 July


Share NYC end the tyranny of the lone laptop musicians monopolising the input sockets, presenting an open jam session in collaboration with the UK's SoundNetwork, inviting you to improvise on each others' signal. Audio Jam: Bring you noise-maker of choice and an XLR, quarter-inch or RCA cable to join in. Video Jam: Multi-user live video synthesis. bring your clips, camera or laptop / Amiga and VGA, S-Video, or RCA cables to join in. http://share.dj Museum of Science and Industry 12-5pm, Sunday 23 July


Join Interval as they set out on a barge journey along Manchester's canal network, in a collision of technologies of the information age and older, slower networks of the industrial past. Interval host a project by Bandung Center For New Media Arts aboard this 'mobile media' space, and live work created aboard the boat will be streamed over a custom-built wireless network, linking to a collaborative project inside a shipping container located at the Museum of Science and Industry. www.interval.org.uk 21-24 July 10am - 4pm, Slate Wharf, Bridgewater Canal & Museum of Science and Industry (Barge sailings start on Friday 21st, and embark from Slate Wharf approximately every 11/2 hrs, 4x daily, and are free.)


mimoSa have been mapping Brazilian cities since 2005 through 'urban interventions'. Using these special machines built by local people from found objects and makeshift electronics, mimoSa re-appropriate technology to reveal places, people and their tales in a new light. They bring their project to the UK for the first time, and will collaborate with local group UHC to build their Manchester 'urban intervention and information correction machine' and take part in an intervention in the city. http://turbulence.org/Works/mimoSa Various times and locations Artist Meeting: Midday 21 July, Auditorium, Museum of Science and Industry


Organised in collaboration with Interval, Fast and Slow Networks, Gustaff Iskandar from Bandung, Indonesia will take participants on a journey of casual discovery, exploring the experiences of city life in Manchester and Bandung Indonesia. Steering away from structured formality and concept, Luncheon on the Barge uses informal discussion and learning to critically confront layers of urban situations in Bandung and Manchester in a comparative study of these city environments. http://commonroom.info/bcfnma/futuresonic2006/index.html Barge trip, 21 July 2006, 2-5pm Slate Wharf, Bridgewater Canal


Featured in the Off The Map strand of Futuresonic, Manchester: Peripheral is driven by collaborative creativity. With extensive community engagement via local groups and their informal social networks, the artists empower local residents to create their own audio portrait of the area. These sounds are then used as part of an online SoundMap tool where visitors remix these sounds to create their own compositions. Visitors are also encouraged to save and share their mixes and to submit their own sounds for inclusion on the site. In this way, the artists seek to create an ongoing relationship of collaborative creativity with the wider community. http:// www.futuresonic.com/peripheral


The container installed for Interval's Fast and Slow Networks will become a project space collaboratively programmed between SoundNetwork and Interval. The result, NetworkContainer, will feature a collaboration between 3 Interval artists and 3 SoundNetwork artists, interacting with audio and video feeds, including sound from hydrophones trailed from barge, and playing with the difference in speed of communication between the barge journeys and the wireless network. http://soundnetwork.omweb.org Museum of Science and Industry 21-23 July, 10am - 5pm


Manchester's art / activist collective collaborate with mimoSa in building an 'urban intervention machine', plus work with Gustaff H. Iskandar as he navigates Manchester's alternative and outsider urban cultures. In 2003 UHC Art Collective erected a full sized replica of Camp X-Ray in the centre of Manchester UK, supported by Arts Council England. The camp was staffed by volunteer "prisoners" and "guards" and ran for 9 days. http://www.uhc-collective.org.uk Talk and Workshop: Midday 21 July, Auditorium, Museum of Science and Industry

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