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7.25. Live media performances, ROOMIKS CUBE & r.b.w.

By Rhizome

muX presents:Live media performances, ROOMIKS CUBE & r.b.w. 7.25. Tues, 8:30pm @ Monkey Town (58 N 3rd St, Wburg, 781.384.1369) Reservations are recommended. After the perfromances, there will be a brief Q&A with audiences.

Featuring C-TRL LABS(live visuals) http://www.c-trl.com CAURAL(live sound) http://www.mushrecords.com c.h.i.a.k.i. (live visuals) http://www.nicknack.org/ Zach Layton(live sound) http://www.zachlaytonindustries.com

ROOMIKS CUBE is a multichannel panoramic A/V performance. Part of the ongoing MUX A/V series, this rare event is a collaborative effort between live video performance artists C-TRL Labs and NY based electronic composer Caural. Specially tailored to Monkeytown's minimalist cubic interior, C-TRL will utilize motion graphics, 3D and realtime software (Modul8 and Max/MSP Jitter) to create an environmental extension to the existing architectural space. Caural sets the tone w/ flowing abstract compositions in a rich sonic space. The audience will be immersed in a whirl of architectural landscapes and organic forms and tones in both performers playful experimental styles.

r.b.w. is an ongoing live audiovisual set associated with colors, shapes and forms. The set consists of 3 abstract live visuals that associate three primary color states; red, blue and white. Based on chromotherapy studies, specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Each selected set of three colors(as samples) brings different stimulations and effects. The intention is to investigate how color in motion can alter mood or emotional states similar to music; what certain music [...]

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