Too Much Patriotism? Keep Freewaves Alive Part Deux

Do you value free-flowing art and ideas?
Do you want to keep free speech free?
Do you want to help our small but innovative nonprofit organization?

What is Freewaves?=20

FREE events
FREE website
FREE speech
+ FREEwaves
=3D Too Much Freedom?

10th festival of experimental media arts - November 2006
Curated entirely online, for the first time

11 curators + 1500 entries + 50 countries represented
What will they say about freedom?

Help us interpret the meaning of freedom - support Freewaves:=20
- provide artists fees
- maintain space for challenging work to be seen
- develop experimental exhibition formats and curatorial processes
- produce new website accessible for everyone everywhere

(what your donations won't get you: your stem cells on a grain of sand, bab=
y animal calendar or their frozen offspring, Hummer tote bag (with cosmetic=
s purchase), jalape=F1o jelly sampler, hot-air balloon ride with Sasquatch,=
Tony Robbins self-help tapes)

See "Security Blanket," a program from our 2004 festival, including
artists videos and interviews at

Your name will appear on our brand-new digital donor wall

Payments accepted by Paypal or check:
Mail to Freewaves, 2151 Lake Shore Ave., Los Angeles CA 90039

What could you pay that would only hurt for a day?

Link to our $25, $50, and $100 donation page=20


Thanks in advance from Freewaves!

An online magnet for the media arts, Freewaves is a grassroots yet global a=
rts organization dedicated to collecting and connecting the most innovative=
and culturally relevant independent new media from around the world . . . =

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