Power Surge

What does 'transmission' mean to you? While artistic experimentation over the air waves has a long legacy, more recent technological and social developments have called for a redefinition of the T-word. Surge, an online exhibition co-organized by Free103Point9 and Rhizome, presents six projects that exemplify the diversity of contemporary 'transmission art.' Whether metaphorically considering the 'communication' of disease and the subjectivity of aether, or mapping the space of one-to-many speech, each of the six works offers historically and culturally informed takes on transmission. Jim Punk's 'Rrose AsCii morse Code' draws comparisons between two important signal formats, while 31 Down's 'wwwSomnambulator' considers the hypnotic effects that the content of broadcasts have on viewers' psyches. Users of Angel Nevarez's and Alex Rivera's 'LowDrone' can turn a virtual chain steering wheel to simulate flight (in a gold low rider!) over the heavily-surveilled US/Mexico border. Turn on the radio to hear public broadcasts about border-related issues and be reminded that transmission stimulates the ears, mind, and heart, as well as the eyes. - Rhizome.org