Marisa Olson:

Yes! We're having so much fun! Please join us!

The project will be part of Surge, the Free103Point9/Rhizome show,
later this month, but we hope you'll also check in while the whole
thing is going down... And post comments! Reblog it! Have fun! Trip

It's Universal Acid... It can't be contained!!

Feliz navidad!!!!!


PS Big thanks to MTAA, Lee Walton, Doron Golan, Free103, Lauren
Cornell, and Francis Hwang...

On 12/31/05, abe linkoln wrote:
> Rhizomerz,
> Marisa Olson and I are doing an online performance today
> 6 video performances, and 6 remixes in 12 hours!
> First couple of vids are already online, check in all day
> till midnight west coast time!
> http://universalacid.net/
> :)))))))))))))))))))
> Abe
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