29. March from 17:30 GMT (12:30 - New York, 18:30 - Prague): Details on HOW TO INSTALL AND USE THE ACCESS GRID

Game Engines/Social Engines: polylogue session about game engines, their social and political aspects. The interdisciplinary meeting should create an open space for deeper theoretical reflection on the recent development in the field of serious games. We are looking for various perspectives, examples and thoughts on social, political and artistic aspects of videogames. Researchers, theoreticians, game designers, programmers and artists are welcome to join the discussion. List of topics:

Videogames & Politics: - Political aspects of videogames - Representation and self-representation - Digital emancipation and creation of heroes (Middle East, China) - Persuasive games and games as means of propaganda.

Social Engines: - Social aspects of videogames - Activism and virus campaigns - Social networking in games - Educational videogames.

Abstracts of papers (15 to 20 min) should reach us before 20th March 2006 in order to facilitate moderation. Short presentations (10 min) are also possible, send us only the title. Please send us you telephone number, ICQ,
Skype etc..

Moderators: Vít Sisler, New Media Studies & Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies, Charles University of Prague. vsisler[at]gmail.com. Denisa Kera, New Media Studies Charles University of Prague, denisa.kera[at]ff.cuni.cz

This session is a part of a series entitled POLYLOGUES organized by the International center for art and new technologies (CIANT) in Prague & New media studies (Charles University) in cooperation with Georgia Institute of Technology & MARCEL network. It aims to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange of ideas via sessions moderated from Prague while having guest speakers from all over the world.

We hope to create a bridge between countries that will facilitate intercultural or rather intercontinental and interdisciplinary exchanges in the fields of art and new technologies. All sessions will be recorded and made available to general public in the archive.

Denisa Kera / New Media Studies, Charles University / kera[at]ff.cuni.cz/ +420
777 817 774
Pavel Sedlak / CIANT / sedlak[at]ciant.cz/ +420 737 731 347
CIANT & Charles University node http://www.ciant.cz/ag