Nam June Paik Tribute Screening

Last month, seventy-three year old video art pioneer Nam June Paik passed away, leaving behind a large body of influential, risk-taking work. This Saturday, New York's Electronic Arts Intermix will present a 12-hour screening of the legend's videotapes, dating from 1965-2000. The program will include better-known pieces like Paik's early 'Electronic Fables' and his more recent 'Analogue Assemblage,' but will also include rarities like his TV collages made in collaboration with major figures such as Joseph Beuys and John Cage and the 80-minute '9/23/69: Experiment with David Atwood.' Paik was among the very first to experiment with video as an art form, in an era when 'media' was redefined to mean both 'the media' and artistic 'medium' in the same instance. His Fluxus-based performances, installations, and recordings often contained humorous pop elements, while remaining very politically savvy. At their core, Paik's works were always radically experimental, with the forward-thinking artist who anticipated the modern internet in coining the term 'electronic superhighway,' constantly pushing boundaries of form in ways that inspired generations of electronic artists. The EAI video retrospective is organized to begin with Paik's more recent work and roll backwords to his earliest projects. Taking this trip back in time will no doubt present glimpses into the future of future of media art. - Marisa Olson