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Big Brains Bombard Boston!

By Rhizome

Hordes of supercool art nerds are descending on Boston, this week, for the College Art Association's annual conference. The new media community is poised to have a massive presence there, not only by virtue of the many visitors, but also because the city itself has a solid standing in the field. Art Interactive will be a major hub for CAA activity, hosting numerous talks and the exhibition 'New Media/New Work,' co-curated by the New Media Caucus, the Leonardo Education Forum, and Art/Technology Boston. The uniquely-designed show will be mounted on four large screens, each representing a show within a show, promising to deliver 'a multitude of voices from the new media landscape in this brief and rare occasion.' Admirably, the show includes dozens of largely unknown artists (and some better-knowns!), proving the growing breadth of the field. Each organization has used a different schema to select a variety of screen-based works, ranging from LEF's 'Technologized Bodies/ Embodied Technologies,' which includes works that explore 'the intersections among visuality, embodiment, and the technological' to the NMC's 'Slurp!,' a gaggle of short videos that 'generally let it all hang out in the name of art.' Whatever that means, we know some of the smartest art theorists, and perhaps a few locals, will be on hand to eat it up, from February 22-26. - Marisa Olson

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