On and Off Net Art Show

London-based Low-Fi is an artist collective focused on net art and systems of mediation and distribution. In order to provide access and visibility to other artists, they invite guests to curate monthly online exhibitions. The recently-opened 'Offline Art Show' was curated by Cory Arcangel, who challenged himself to make his selections based on his personal memory, rather than that of his computer or del.icio.us bookmarks. 'If I can't remember it, it wasn't worth remembering in the first place,' he reasons. It's easy to see unforgettable qualities in the five projects he highlights, including Ben Engebreth's 'Personal Kyoto' calculator; the films of Jack Goldstein as presented on the avant garde archive site, UbuWeb; and John Michael Boling's 'Four weddings and a funeral,' a collection of videos that is a play on the words in a famous film title. The selections are contextualized with trademark Arcangel witticisms, as when he says that a cable access show (John Kilduff's 'Let's Paint, Exercise & Blend Drinks TV!) 'in which the host does the show on a treadmill, while teaching people how to paint, also while teaching people how to make blended drinks' offers 'proof Western civilization is not anywhere near being over...' Nonetheless, he also says that the YouTube video, 'Granny Machine Gun' makes him 'proud to be an American!' As one might expect of an artist whose practice often involves responding to popular media, his curatorial statement establishes a refusal to distinguish what is and is not Art. 'We are past that moment so let's all please get over it...' - Marisa Olson