Three Weeks Left in Rhizome's Campaign!

There are three weeks left in Rhizome's Community Campaign, and we still have a significant amount left to raise in order to achieve our goal of $25,000! We need our community -- all those who read or participate in Rhizome, year-round -- to contribute now! How can you contribute? There are multiple ways! You can become a Rhizome member, renew your existing membership, or make a donation of any amount, large or small! Membership ($25/year) comes with all kinds of benefits and privileges! And, higher-level contributions are thanked with amazing and unique limited edition new media artworks, ranging from DVDs to sculpture to shirts and prints, such as 'Infinite Phil,' by artist collective MTAA (pictured). Reaching our Campaign goal will allow Rhizome to sustain everything we do: from publications like this one, to our commissioning program, archives, discussion lists, and exhibitions online and offline. Rhizome means so much to so many different people. In order to survive, we need this community to pitch in. We hope you'll take a moment to make a contribution to Rhizome today! -