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Mod 70s Show OPEN CALL

LiveBox Gallery issues an open call for its’ Mod 70s show. Single channel video and animation interpreting or inspired by the pop culture happening labeled “MOD 70s”, will be screened at Hejfina, in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Hejfina is a boutique on a main shopping street in Chicago. The space also serves as an interactive design lab, hosting installations by up and coming Chicago artists and various speakers on current topics in art and architecture. All submissions must be suitable for open public viewing. Work will be screened through Hejfina’s shop window and inside the store. Work screened on the window monitor will not have audio. Inside monitors will have audio and video.

Submissions must be received by October 1st.

Format: All entries must include a "digital" (CD) resume, bio, artist statement and short synopsis of the project, and jpg images. Video should be NTSC DVD, if your piece is in PAL, please send mini DV tape. Please use a standard DVD case (7”X5”) not a cassette case, and pack in bubble envelop. Note materials will not be returned, unless specifically requested. Please note whether you would be willing to screen your work silently on the window monitor.

For additional information, check submissions on the website
Or contact Catherine Forster at (815) 236 5692.

Send to:
Catherine Forster
LiveBox submissions
1031 North Shore Dr
Crystal lake, IL 60014