Rhizome Raw...RU READY TO ROCK?. I said...RU READY?
M. River:

My dearest Rhizome,

(actually, this post will NOT rock, but here it

To Be Listened To(2bl2) http://mtaa.net/2bl2 is now
open for you to enjoy and activate. Big thanks to the
artist who supplied 2bl2 with "seed" work to get
things going. Please feel free to jump in and add some

To Be Listened To... (2bl2 for short) is an open relay
for sound art, audio blogs, mashups, re-mixes, dance
mixes or any other sort of experimental audio. 2bl2 is
comprised of 10 thematic podcast feeds with 8 open
feeds to which anyone may post an audio file. Each
feed's name, along with the original 'seed' post, sets
its tone.[...]