The Exploding School

Designed to function outside of the traditional classroom space, the exploding school is nomadic. Taking its cue from Colin Ward and Anthony Fyson's book Streetwork it seeks to utilise the city as its classroom. The school attaches itself to educational institutions, piggy-backing established infrastructures and administrative frameworks and organizes tours in and around chosen cities with guest speakers and tour guides. This expanded notion of the city as classroom is an experiment in inter-disciplinary education. The school is particularly concerned with the production of space, the environment and the city as a multitude of ecologies; touring parks, gardens, collectively produced art spaces, official city recycling and filtration facilities and their self-initiated community based counterparts. The school playfully mixes together the ambience of a school geography field trip, a city tour and a dissociative fugue. The school investigates recent developments in public art strategies, culture and regeneration, gentrification, urbanism, the environment, and projects that privilege social process.