Composing in the Rain

English composer Richard Garrett describes himself as living 'in an isolated Welsh farmhouse, halfway between the mountains of Snowdonia and the sea.' One imagines this to be a place in which, as the old expression goes, there's not much to do beyond talking about the weather. Garrett has managed to turn this tranquility into a series of haunting recordings in his computer-generated album, 'Weathersongs Volume 1: Days in Wales.' The artist began the project with an installation that responded, in real time, to data about changing weather conditions. The resulting compositions are decidedly ominous, perhaps because they ultimately record the sensation of waiting (for change, for respite) that has come to be associated with Hollywood suspense soundtracks. Garrett later edited these part-field recordings/ part-generative scores into the tracks on the new album, intending to present a more condensed representation of the weather in a given time and place. Ultimately he hopes to analyze the data logged, in the course of these observations and sonify it at the rate of six minutes per day, in order to express 'Days in the Life' of mostly wet Welsh weather. His 'report' is likely to be better met than most meteorologists.' - Marisa Olson