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Living on the Fringe

By Rhizome

The first independent Electrofringe Festival spun off of Australia's Newcastle Fringe Festival, in 1999. Now part of the This Is Not Art Festival (29 September - 3 October), this year's Electrofringe spins around the theme 'Engage, Exchange, and Evolve.' Incorporating contemporary trends in digital, hybrid, electronic, and new media arts, the annual event is a barometer for the evolution of a discipline--though the word 'discipline' might be a reach. The festival's current mutation includes the decidedly un-disciplined ProjectSpace open workshop, of which the organizers say, 'We expect spontaneous media events, mongrel monster machines, and extreme toy sports to emerge..." Electrofringe 05 will also include cross-media jam sessions at Collabrador, a multicultural media mosh with Australia…Where?, a three-night Electroprojections screen orgy, and more manic machinations than organizers Wade Marynowsky and Smugan Sivanesan could ever predict or imagine. So sign up and engage--anything could happen! - Peggy MacKinnon

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