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Jody Zellen:

In the beginning of September the newspaper Volkskrant started Oog (Eye) an online platform where artists in sound and image are asked to respond to news and current affairs. The Volkskrant is one of Hollands most important national newspapers. Its on-line edition has more than 100.000 visitors a day andOog will be a separate page of the online edition. A small editorial team headed by Nanette Hoogslag for the online version of the Dutch national newspaper Ode Volkskrant to develop Oog (Eye) a new kind of online platform in which international artists in sound and image are asked to respond, on a regular basis, to news and current affairs.

Central to the concept is the fact that each contribution is the result of the individual perspective that each artist will bring to current affairs,as well as the use of online media and the interaction with the visitor/reader of the Volkskrant on-line. It is open to artists contributing to Oog in a variety of ways, ranging from individual images through to serialised sets of sound, moving and interactive pieces.

The artist that are selected are a diverse group of known applied and fine artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Oog will be announced on the front page of the on-line edition as well as in the print edition of the Volkskrant. Each contribution will be displayed prominently for a week and will remain accessible in the Oog-archive. Contributers include: Han Hoogerbrugge, 178 Aardige Ontwerpers Jody Zellen

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