Rhizome on the line

Calling all new media enthusiasts! Rhizome.org has just launched its annual Community Campaign and we're hoping you might find it in your heart to make a contribution.  Next year will mark Rhizome's tenth anniversary, and we need your support, now, to help us make it through to our second decade.  You might be asking yourself, 'Well, what has Rhizome done for me lately?' Good question! The organization has been busy with activities that double as answers. Following the launch of our new, more open membership policy last May, we have been rolling out new features, including RSS feeds for Members; Location, which puts you in touch with other Members in your area; and a reBlog (big shout out to our friends at Eyebeam/ Stamen design!), that make our overall system more engaging. Meanwhile, our publications, exhibitions, and annual cycle of commissions continue to carve out space for new media in an art world that still prefers paint over pixels.  Speaking of art, we are offering some compelling limited edition works by artists Cory Arcangel, Lew Baldwin and MTAA, as gifts for those who give higher-level donations. Support from our constituencies is as important to us now as it ever was before. Please consider lending a hand to Rhizome by becoming a Member or giving a donation today! - Rhizome.org