Product & Vision: Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy
Lucy Kimbell:
---Product & Vision: Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy

Exhibition at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany
9 September - 9 October

What happens if a corporation - in this case, the Berlin-based publishing house Cornelsen - opens its doors to a group of artists? Can artists or arts and Cornelsen or the corporate sector in general learn something from each other, or will their autonomy be questioned? The participants of Product & Vision have studied, amongst others, the finance structure, the identification of the employees with the company, the products (schoolbooks), the production process, the image of the company, and the organisational structure. This exhibition presents the results of this artistic process in installations, videos, pictures and performances, together with other works from the field of art and business.
Product & Vision focuses on businesses/enterprises as a dominating form of social organisation. Interfaces and boundaries between art and economy are one of the central issues.