The Sao Paulo-based FILE (International Festival of Electronic Language) offers treats for the eyes, ears, and minds of locals and wandering media enthusiasts, alike. FILE rings in its sixth year, this week, with a slate of ambitious events, including installations, a symposium, sound performances, and public projects. The festival has made a particular effort to promote digital culture within its existing urban setting while also presenting a meeting ground for traveling participants to interact and collaborate. Hypertext theorist Ted Nelson commences the festival, today, with a presentation entitled 'Software and Media for a New Democracy.' The four-day symposium offers sessions exploring a broad range of current issues, with particular emphasis on the digital culture of South America. 'Hipersonica' is the sound and music branch of the festival and features a week of performances with Mr. DJ Spooky headlining the first evening. Other projects expand the festival into the city through interaction with the public and interventions on Sao Paolo's transit systems. In other words, this FILE comes in many fun formats. - David Senior