May You Go to Interesting Festivals

This weekend brings Cardiff's first ever Festival of Creative Technology, and have they got a lineup for you! May You Live in Interesting Times is a three-day event that offers 22 artists' work at venues throughout the city. Highlights include Chris Evans's Dungeons and Dragons-derived txt adventure game, Jen Southern/ Jen Hamilton's GPS-based 'Ebb and Flow Boat Trip' (yes, you get to ride the boat), Tim Davies's relentlessly maniacal 'Drumming,' and From the Inside, a group of film and video works centered around artists' personal landscapes. For the brainiacs among you, Friday's conference focuses on 'the emergence and uses of locative media,' while Saturday's presenters explore 'the influence and cultural significance of computer gaming.' Most of the work was specially commissioned for the show, so this is your chance to check out new art and new ideas launched in a hothouse of high tech creativity. Interesting times, indeed. - Peggy MacKinnon