Transient Stains

New media art veteran Jody Zellen's work explores the vignettes, ebbs, flows and narratives (real or imagined) that emerge from the relationships we have with urban spaces. Her latest piece 'Trigger,' which she produced while in residence at Pace Digital Gallery in New York, features six projections of documentary-style images in a stairwell at Pace University. Visitors to the space pass through changing, black-and-white cityscapes occasionally enlivened by splashes of color. Their shadows become part of the work, constructing a relational architecture similar to artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's large-scale, public works, only on a much more intimate scale. Zellen has also placed intricate transparencies in the windows, creating stained glass-like portraits that elevate urban life to a higher, more iconic status. All elements together, the piece evokes the transient nature of urban space, and our equally fleeting and shifting perceptions of it. See your city, and your path within it, in a new light through 'Trigger' which is on view from October 18-November 8th.--Nathaniel Stern