Totally Psycho((geographic))

Using cartography to study space is sooo 20th Century. Glowlab prefers locative media over maps and the American collective's 'psychogeographic' work blurs the boundaries between performance, sculpture, drawing, and other conventional genres. In their nine-week exhibition at Art Interactive, Glowlab members (including Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki, Dave Mandl, Christina Ray, Sal Randolph, Lee Walton, and others) will intervene in the Gallery's Cambridge, MA, neighborhood to conduct situationist experiments ranging from scavenger hunts and chance-driven walking tours to the release of secret-message balloons. They've thrown in a few readings and concerts for good measure. After using people, trash, bikes, clothes, the sky and other variables as their primary materials, the artists will post the remnants of their research in one of those ancient vestibules known as a 'gallery.' Check it out October 14 through December 11. - Marisa Olson