Get Zapped

Just in time for Hallowe'en, you are invited to visit Andrea Zapp's 'Storyrooms,' a group of installations by seven new media artists: Zapp, Susan Collins, Paul DeMarinis, Ken Goldberg, Paul Sermon, Cornelia Solfrank, and Tan Teck Weng. Here, Surrealism and interactivity merge in eerie and fascinating ways. Zapp's ongoing preoccupation with the intersection of interior and exterior spaces continues with 'Human Avatars.' Visitors enter a wooden hut and a live image of them is projected into a remote model of the space, where other visitors can spy on them through a small window. A camera in the model projects the peering faces back onto the larger shed's window. In Susan Collins's 'The Spectrascope,' images collected from inside a real haunted house combine with an infrasound 'fear frequency' audio component to create an uncanny effect. Twenty-six poncho-clad skeletons whisper and dance in Paul DeMarinis's 'The Messenger.' Held at the Museum of Science & Industry, in Manchester (UK), the exhibition runs through January 15, 2006. Show up and star in your own ghost story. - Peggy MacKinnon