Join me at Opsound's Open Sound Exchange, Art Interactive Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Oct 14-Dec 11, 2004


Collision 8

Sal Randolph:
Hello friends,

Opsound is in residence this fall at Art Interactive gallery in
Cambridge, Massachusetts & I'd love to see you.

Beginning October 14, Opsound will be part of Glowlab's "Open Lab",
an exhibition and festival of psychogeographic explorations
headquartered at Art Interactive. Opsound will be collecting and
generating a sound portrait of Cambridge and Boston through
recordings in the gallery, sound gathering walks through various
neighborhoods, and via contributions from sound artists and musicians
over the internet. All the collected material will be broadcast as a
24/7 internet radio stream -- a special edition of the 'opstream' --
that will grow throughout the exhibition.

I'll be in residence several weekends of the show, and I'd be
delighted if you stopped by to have some coffee, chat, contribute
sounds, and walk with me through interesting parts of the city.

Click through for more info --FH

Originally posted on Raw by Sal Randolph