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Cut-up.media.magazine: special issue on the art and politics of netporn

The five new articles are: - Nishant Shah, "Playblog: Pornography, Performance, and Cyberspace"
- Manuel Bonik and Andreas Schaale, "The Naked Truth: Internet-Eroticism
and The Search"
- Bert de Muynck, "The Art of Adult Architecture or the Politics of
Pornographic Planning"
- Tim Noonan, "Netporn and the Politics of Disability: A Catalyst for
Access, Inclusion and Acceptance"
- Mireille Miller-Young, "'Because I'm Sexy and Smart!': Black Web
Mistresses Hack Cyberporn"

Publication data: "Special Issue: The Art and Politics of Netporn", ed. by Bas van Heur, Cut-up.media.magazine, issue 20 (2005).
Stable URL: http://www.cut-up.com/news/issues.php?issue=20

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