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New Data exhibition, New York

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center & 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater Group

New Data - a digital media arts exhibition
November 17, 2005  - January 7, 2006
Installation is open Tue - Sat 1-6pm

15 Nassau Street @ Pine St. NYC
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's new public programming venue

Using the internet, interactive installation, sound, film and video, the artists in New Data make art by collecting data - literally and metaphorically.

Robert B. Lisek
David Stout
Zoe Beloff
Jillian McDonald
Marc Lafia
Terry Nauheim.

In addition, these artists present their work on Nov 19 (Lisek/Stout), Dec 3 (Beloff/McDonald), and Dec 10 (Lafia/Nauheim).

info: Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks
Tel: 212-431-1130

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