With two weeks remaining in our annual Community Campaign, Rhizome is close to reaching our goal! We hope you'll consider renewing your membership or becoming a member for the first time by our deadline of December 1st. If you are looking for additional motivation, watch 'RHIZOMERS,' a Net art piece made by Seoul-based artists YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES in support of the Campaign. Similar to their other works that evoke multiple film genres through a witty orchestration of text, tempo and the occasion emoticon, this short Flash animation compiles quotes by fictional people from all over the world. 'Susan' from 'Sunspot, Arizona' reports: 'I used to be into crystals/ now I'm into Rhizome/ its orgiastic.' In Manhattan, Wall Street worker 'Jason' confides: 'When I need to step back.. I click on those selfless new media artists/ are heroes to me.' If, as other characters in 'RHIZOMERS' claim, Rhizome can save troubled marriages and grow hair on the chests of adolescent boys, just think what we could do with your $25 membership contribution! -