Panic Attack!

What do you call it when a hardware collapse makes your computer spew reams of indecipherable messages? Kernel panic! What happens when 14 artists gather in London to explore new aesthetics in digital culture? Kernel Panic! Both events involve acts of spontaneous creativity, but the Temporary Contemporary gallery offers a curatorially focused exhibition that won't wipe out your hard drive. With international collaborations, fictionalised film documentaries, site-specific installations, computer animation, and digital and analogue sound performances, the show is a pan-cultural snapshot of the digital arts today. Check out Barcelona-based DJ Rupture's Asian/ Arabic/ hip-hop mixes, lightbox installations by India's Raqs Media Collective, or Brazilian-Netherlander Rafaël Rozendaal's luminous website images. And hey, who wouldn't want to check out an act called Man from Uranus? But hurry--on November 20th, the Panic stops. - Peggy MacKinnon