Rhizome is Open

Rhizome is pleased to announce the launch of our new membership policy. As of May 23rd, anyone can view content on Rhizome.org regardless of whether they contribute towards a membership or not. Anyone can subscribe to Rhizome email lists or add content to the site simply by signing up. All you have to do to sign up is register an email address and password--it's completely free. Utilizing Rhizome's core programs and services no longer requires an annual contribution. You can browse new media art in the ArtBase, take part in discussions on our lists "RAW" and "RARE" and receive Rhizome Digest, our weekly summary of relevant events, announcements and opportunities alongside an original piece of commissioned writing. If you become a Rhizome Member by making a contribution at an annual level of $25, you'll have access to the Rhizome Archives--all ten years of our art and text--as well as special Member features. We believe these changes will make Rhizome more open, dynamic and inclusive, and that our expanded availability will benefit our current community and newcomers alike. Please spread the word! - Rhizome.org