You Were in Kansas

Distinguished by having recently made its way East to the Rhizome ArtBase, the Smoky Hill River Outpost, created as a part of the 2002 Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas, stands out even three years later and 1400 miles away. Commissioned in the context of the Festival's 'Artists in Action' section, the Outpost has read its Foucault: 30 ft. high and 120 ft. in pentagonal diameter, the multi-faceted structure engaged themes of surveillance and interactivity, among others. The SHRO, a construction exhibited near Salina's dopel-Statue of Liberty, was produced by successful collaboration of local students and West-coast artist Aaron Gach, also known for his work with (or perhaps, as) the Center for Tactical Magic. In addition to a crafts fair, the Artists in Action group that year also featured terra cotta porcelain tiles, a yellow balloon stuck under a bridge, a photo-op with a Lava Lamp, and the so-called Prairie Poets. If the images are to be believed, critical reconnaissance forts are fun for the entire family. - Sara Greenberger