Bound in Buffalo

Media-studies graduate student Chris Barr eschews his Palm Pilot every Thursday in March and April this year in favor of appointments made over his website by YOU; or, rather, mostly by people who are familiar with Mr. Barr and his Buffalo environs. Users are invited to 'Schedule Something,' and many people have taken the man up on his offer. Having completed two Thursdays thus far, Chris seems to be living the life of an average college student: hanging at the bar, engaging ladies in beer-drinking photo ops, painting a woman's toenails, Blockbuster rentals, drinking games, perusing students' iPods at the lunch hour (yes, as predictable as one might expect), and bumming smokes. If you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall on one of these days, join the others by ordering yourself a tribute. Tune in March 24, when Perry Garvin has Chris Barr apply glue to his lips in their local café. - Sara Greenberger