Who? What? Where? When? And Why?

Judging solely from 'How Scandinavian of Me,' to be quintessentially Scandinavian is to be a blond-haired guy who goes all over the world barefoot and standing on piles of Danish wood chips. Apparently, Scandinavians constantly dress in t-shirts and pajama pants, too. Artist Lars Vilhelmsen has been photographed in the tourist snapshot style in front of some important non-Scandinavian sights including Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and sights in Malaysia, Berlin, and Iran. The web-photo album has aesthetic antecedents in British artist Gillian Wearing's photographs as well as the tradition of lawn gnome snatch-and-snap. In addition to a whirlwind horizontally scrolling tour around various locales, are individual HSOM 'edition's.' Notable is 'Doing the Flamingo - Environmental Entity," where the artist lost the wood chips and gained what appears to be a warehouse full of dancing flamingos. Another, 'Paris,' portends the end of this party: in the only photograph not featuring the artist or the title of the project or both, there is a wonderful picture of a hard-frosted cake in the hands of a Parisian baker. - Sara Greenberger