Painting by Ones And Zeros

'Daria,' a project by Brian Lee Yung Rowe, is something like what you would get if the evil computer Skynet from the Terminator movies mated with Bob Ross. Daria is a new category in relation to media creation: the 'art(ist)'; both creation and creator, 'she' is a fully-operating artistic personality--complete with her own style that varies based on her moods, and her own personal needs (what would any 'artistic personality' be without arm-twisting demands for sponsorship?). Daria's website keeps a catalogue of her works, and visitors can commision new art pieces from her, imputing the title of the work they want and waiting as she culls material from the internet and pieces it together before their eyes. The results are psychedelic landscapes captioned with often nonsensical bits of text. While Daria's portfolio to date doesn't exactly give the human artistic community any reason to fear a Skynet-style coup anytime soon, the complex web of programming resources that go into making up Daria's intelligence is enough to give an exciting new twist to the idea of 'painting by numbers!' - Ben Davis