It Isn't Over 'Til It's Over

On the afternoon of Friday, June 24th, the Huddersfield Art Gallery (UK) will host a discussion called Evolution Is Not Over Yet, which will examine new possibilities for change, growth and improved modularity of Open Source creative production, as well as of the policies and dynamics that sculpt contemporary societies. This talk is organized in conjunction with an exhibition of Scottish artist Chad McCail's series of paintings of the same name, which, along with his series of drawings called Spring, narrate a small, urban community's experiments with utopianism staged in resistance to the institutionalized violence and systems of control issued by a familiar, fictional government regime. McCail's images have inspired a large-scale collaborative software project initiated by new media researcher Simon Yuill called "spring_alpha." "spring_alpha" expands McCail's story by situating the setting and its characters in a networked game system, the simple objective of which is to alter the rules by which this society operates. Already three freestanding phases of "spring_alpha" have been completed, each of which have incorporated substantial research into actual communities, the appearances and operations of which reverberate throughout the images and game. - Kevin McGarry