Baby Blogging

“The moon had his own scissors to cut his hair, but one day he lost them. God found these scissors and let them down to the moon on a cord.” This stirring reflection and more can be found on the family JeanRichard blog, which features most specifically the life and times of two young children, Cecile and Dominic. In a mixture of parenting and public art project, the JeanRichard blog presents a playful log of the children's graphic output as well as video of some of their big adventures. Cecile seems strongest in utilizing the 2-Dimensional medium of crayon and paper, while Dominic thrives on camera. His moods and gestures capture the challenges which children face every day in succinct video clips. Many of their collaborative craft projects rework everyday objects into challenging new forms, like sandal spacecrafts and other doll-mobility devices. The blog also includes links to other, mostly Swiss net art sites, art events and web images, but as is usually the case in most settings, the children steal the show. - David Senior