Have YOU Got Something To Say?

No matter where you happen to be on Friday, June 3rd, your voice could be heard in the Ohio State University Oval when artist Daniel Jolliffe arrives with his mobile sculpture, "One Free Minute." This colourful technological soapbox disrupts the soundscape of public spaces with acts of improvised, anonymous free speech. To be heard, leave a message, email an MP3 or supply your phone number and be called back to deliver your minute live and on-the-air. One minute samples on the web site include the banal and the riveting, propaganda, activism and deeply personal announcements. The intrusion of private into public brought about by cell phone technology is one of the themes behind the work, as is the blurring of who is saying what. In a political climate where free speech comes with an increasing risk of recrimination, "One Free Minute" boldly reclaims individuals' right to speak. It's also a damn funky interactive aural sculpture with a broadcast range of 150 feet--every town should have one. - Helen Varley Jamieson.