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VITALOGY by Carlo Zanni, The Perfect Gift for Your Mind !


VITALOGY by Carlo Zanni, The Perfect Gift for Your Mind !


Published on the occasion of Italian born Carlo Zanni's first solo show in England at ICA, London (6 October - 6 November 2005) this title features Zanni’s digital works (in many cases works aesthetically determined by a data flux gathered in real time from the Internet). It takes the form of a ‘project book’, rather than a catalogue and the main idea is to start a series of 35 volumes following the historic "Enciclopedie" of Diderot and D'Alembert (probably the first example of rhizomatic publication). This first volume, numbered VIII G (read G8), is a light anthology of six Internet works done by the artist in the past five years.

Contains six texts by Italian new media scholar Carlo Giordano where he writes about the pieces, covering both technical and semiotic issues. Also includes an introduction by ICA Director of Performing Arts and Digital Media, Vivienne Gaskin.

English, Italian and Chinese text.

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