NYT art critic reviews Pixar exhibition at MoMA


patrick lichty:

Here's the problem with this show-
BTW, my masters have unshackled me for 3 weeks from my MFA studies at
which time they will finish polishing the institutional gem they've been
reshaping for the last 18 months. >:o

(or, at least, trying to! For God's sake, Patrick, stop shooting the

Case in point: Bowling Green State University - which has been my happy
home for that time.

When we woo potential undergrads, the dream for half of them is, what?
PIXAR. "Oh, I wanna work at PIXAR." I just want to make
shaders/textures/meshes, monsters, entertainment, etc. This is enough
to get a New Media high/conceptual artist ready to slam their head
through a titanium wall after hearing it for the 1xxxxxth time. Almost
as bad as hearing the Foundations students wanting to "express their
creativity", and a priori assumption, being they're not enrolled in bake
sale management...

The exhibition is made possible by Intel Corporation and Porsche AG.

Additional support is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Media sponsorship is provided by Wired Magazine.

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