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Blog :: A new step for Virtual Reality

By Pulpo


It always has intrigued me how we could simulate the physical process of walking when immersing ourselves into a Virtual Reality system. The answer has arrived: VirtuSphere.

The VirtuSphere platform consists of a large hollow sphere that sits on top of a base
and allows the sphere to rotate 360 degrees. Wearing a wireless, head-mounted
display, users can step inside the sphere to fully interact in immersive virtual
environments. The VirtuSphere enables 6 degrees of freedom - one can move in any
direction; walk, jump, roll, crawl, run over virtually unlimited distances without
encountering real-world physical obstacles.

Amazing! I would love to play in one of these. Now, we have a new question to answer: What if I want to seat on a couch in the virtual world? Even more: What if... I want to eat food in the virtual world? Any answers? Suggestions?
Santi "Pulpo" Siri

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