The House That Wiki Built

A shimmering mass of undulating steel, glass, and concrete, LA's Frank Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall attracts tourists, like a fishing lure, with many never even sampling its acoustic properties. While such iconographic buildings are becoming a popular way for urban centers to re-imagine themselves, how is contemporary architecture contributing to a larger vision of urban space? According to LA's AUDC (Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative), it isn't--at least not in a proactive sense. As architecture has become more about one-off buildings and less about large-scale urban planning, AUDC has turned their attention to the largely invisible components of urban life, such as the massive infrastructure of telecommunications networks and Muzak systems in office complexes. The collective utilizes a wiki to 'speculatively investigate the contemporary city' and to present their multimedia research to the public in the form of interactive images and texts. You can also explore AUDC's projects in their newly-opened office/ exhibition space, where they will showcase their research via scale models, photographs, and digital media, like their recent Sims mod. Come explore the inner workings of nearby telecom, the One Wilshire Building, and fall for AUDC hook, line, and sinker. - Ryan Griffis