Sign Off

In keeping with their spirit of culture jamming and subversion, rebel:art (DE) and Memefest (SI) showcased the international bad-boy scene of media art for a second time. "ABC - the semiotics of resistance" was held at Berlin's premier underground comic store and gallery--Neurotitan--and transformed the space into a messy collage of prints, photos, stencil and sticker art, mirroring the city scape outside. Opening night featured Hans Bernard (A) presenting his Google Will Eat Itself Project, and (IT) discussing their playful film posters, parodying a future war between the USA and the new EU. A highlight was the lecture and films about the legacy of pie throwing by political researcher Kees (NL). While the collages of mongomania (DE) and Influenza (FR/NL) focused on the physical implications of signs, Yellow Arrow (US) combined sms with a street aesthetic, using stickers to direct people to sites with alternative city stories (accessible via phone). The photos by Matt Siber (USA) envision urban scenes, minus the logos. Still to come is the Sticker Art Award and a "round" table discussion on creating new languages for resistance. Exhibition runs until August 30. - Joni Taylor