Guerilla Gigs

Most of us know about the anonymous Girls who questioned the authority of NYC art institutions; and don't forget the infamous Anarchist Cookbook that was a DIY recipe for revolution. On a smaller scale, the international collective C6 is now looking for "innovative, critical and radical approaches to diverse art practice . . . unbound by market, commerce, and whitecubes." They'll be publishing a book on Do-It-Yourself strategies in an edition of 500, for free distribution at an October 29th London event entitled "SOLD OUT." The planned 60-page book is to be called "DIY SURVIVAL," and C6 have released a list of vague topics to be interpreted and written into existence by contributors. These include, but are not limited to, culture jamming and guerrilla art practices, tales of endurance, invention and uncompromising passion, and questions of authorship/ownership in collaborative systems. The book will also be available as a Print On Demand under the C6 mantra, "There is no Subculture, only Subversion." The choice is yours, and binding the print-out of unbounded work is optional. - Nathaniel Stern