Tasty and Addictive!

Combining the simplicity of browser bookmarking with the social interplay of bare-bones blogging, New York-based Joshua Schachter's del.icio.us allows users to post, share and freely categorize their bookmarks within a commonly-accessible, continuously updated list. Built-in RSS and user-contributed hacks allow del.icio.us lists to appear on other sites as well. Broadly designed as an open-sourcing of Schachter's memepool site, del.icio.us provides a realtime feed of impulsive web-collecting. In between the dominant percentage of Slashdot-style tech links, users point each other to conservative pro-war rants, essays on speculative linguistics, the world’s cutest kitten photo collections, and idiosyncratic net art projects. Though the social potential of del.icio.us occasionally manifests itself in helpful suggestions or one-upping link-battles, the list's voyeuristic aspect is what truly completes the communal feel: it’s like reading the Web over someone else's shoulder. - Ed Halter