Honey I'm Home!

Baudrillard's idea surrounding simulacra and simulation was the copy for which there is no original. Sometimes however there is an original, priceless and with which we must take special care: us! In games such as Sim City or Ultima Online, where playing with populace seems pretty productive, we might wonder if we are losing touch with real people, including ourselves? And if this kind of enmeshed living is creating the need for cyber-psychology? Situationist Sim City, held at Fact, Liverpool, UK Friday 28th May, aims to 'ponder the possibilities and dangers of online gaming worlds as a stage for art, politics, labour, and play'. Speakers include Julian Dibbell, author of A Rape in Cyberspace, cultural critic Ed Halter and artists Jelena Klasnja, Kristian Lukic and Natalie Bookchin. Are these online arenas the worlds we really want for ourselves, or is there a sinister design to make a home from home seem more like home sweet home? - Charlotte Frost